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Siberian larch grows within the forest zone of the East and North-East of the European part of Russia, the Urals, Western and Eastern Siberia. Especially valued larch from the northern regions of Irkutsk region, Krasnoyarsk region and Evenkia. Because of the woods density, which acquires this property due to the harsh climate of these regions. Siberian larch grows in coniferous forests together with pine, spruce, Siberian cedar and fir, rarely forms pure larch forests. Wood with reddish-brown core and narrow light sapwood. Annual rings are clearly visible on the cut of the tree. Siberian larch wood is characterized by a high content of resin, which has natural antiseptic properties, and as a consequence, increased resistance to rot and fungal diseases. In this case, the resin passages are rare, small and difficult to distinguish. By technical properties of larch wood is superior to all other softwood and has high mechanical properties, but heavy, difficult to process and prone to cracking. The wood is very hard and has a specific gravity of about 1 kg / dm3, so freshly cut wood sinks in water. It is well preserved in the water and is used in hydraulic structures and shipbuilding, as well as used as a building material in the supporting structures of houses and other structures. Siberian larch has a beautiful texture of wood, so usually it is used in interior decoration, floors, facades and in the manufacture of outdoor areas and terraces. Trade Timber Ltd offers all range of timber from a Siberian Larch. You can find full information about product range and make an order on our website

  • Round timber.
  • Unedged timber.
  • Unsurfaced lumber.
  • Planed lumber.
  • Glued lumber from larch, pine and spruce.
  • Plywood laminated with larch.


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